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My Confession!

I have a confession to make. For the past 1 1/2 months I fell off the bandwagon......Bad! Here's the story!

Yes, I've been thin all my life but would have probably been considered 'skinny fat' because I had absolutely no muscle and a little belly. So several years ago after witnessing my friend Marcye rock a string bikini on the beaches of Cancun, I decided to join a gym and build a body!!

To make a long story short, I read a bunch of fitness magazines, trained with a few women that I read about (the amazing Tanji Johnson being one of them), started competing in Figure and bikini competitions and the rest is history!

After many fun and challenging years of competing, I gave up the sport 4 years ago and decided to just enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. As each year went by, I noticed that it was more and more challenging to keep the body fat off and the muscle on.

The last 2 years had been a true struggle. Hitting the gym 6 days a week, training hard, lifting heavy but only getting minimal results.

UNTIL.....I was introduced to an amazing nutrition line from Germany called FitLine. The products are like NO OTHER that I've tried. No 'shake only' plans, no fat burners, fat blockers, appetite suppressants, none of that. Just natural, non-GMO powders loaded with the necessary vitamins and minerals that help our bodies to function properly. They work on the cellular level!

After being on the products for 1 1/2 months, me (and my primary care Physician) noticed several things. My Doctor noticed that my body did not need the full dose of Synthroid that I was taking for my Thyroid, so she lowered my dose (I've been taking Synthroid for over 20 years and was told I'd be on it for life. My attempts at natural remedies were NOT working.....until now:). I noticed I have more energy, I'm lifting heavier, and my shoulders are back!!! I'm seeing cuts & definition in my legs that I've never seen before. But most of all, my metabolism is like it was when I was 25. During those times I could eat anything I wanted and still have Abs & definition. That's back!!

Ok, here's the confession that I mentioned earlier. Because of my 'new' metabolism, I somehow thought it would be OK to deviate from my 90% clean eating program. I can't believe that I'm admitting this but I've been stopping through the Dunkin Doughnuts Drive-Thru a few times a week (those glazed doughnuts are so addictive). And those Arby's 'We Have the Meats' commercials finally got to me.....that Bourbon Bacon & Turkey is Amazing! (I even left the bread on.....I NEVER do that. And I don't even like pork, but I left the bacon on too).

So needless to say, although my new found metabolism saved me from gaining a bunch of weight, my Abs are not as ripped as I like them, my thigh gap is not as defined (yes, I live for the thigh gap:) and I feel like crap from eating so much garbage.

So, I've put together the ultimate Flat Belly Challenge which includes an amazing Flat Belly Detox plan (optional). At the end of 30 days I WILL have an amazing transformation photo!!

Detox details can be found on my site under 'cellRESET / Detox / Weight Loss Programs'.

To join the challenge, if you're a female who believes in living a happy, fit life, click here to join!--> Flat Belly Challenge

All are welcome to join! It's FREE! But the Detox plan is not free, those amazing products that I mentioned are part of it!

I'm so ready and in need of this detox!!! Hope you'll join me!!

Health and Happiness,

Coach Jana

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