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The importance of Systems

#etinspires talks about the importance of systems. Which had me thinking a lot about the systems I've taken part in over the years as well as the systems that I've put in place for others. High School is a system, I completed in 4 years. College is a system I completed in 6 years receiving my Bachelors & Masters degree. Training for various jobs was a system I completed to receive amazing jobs. I went on to travel the world teaching health & fitness professionals my system of taking my business online and being able to work from the comfort of my home or anywhere in the world.

The point is, we must all have some sort of system (goals, daily practices, schedules, online classes, certification classes) that we do daily. We have to have something that we are working for and a timeline in which we must get it done. Most people haven't gotten anything done because they don't have a time frame, a GPS guiding them each step. Submit to a system, set goals, find an accountability partner. Now as Robin Sharma says, go create a world class day!

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