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Flat Belly Detox

This is a 30 day plan to help you lose those last 10 - 15 'hard to go away' lbs, burn fat, gain more energy.  Most people lose 10-15 lbs. on this plan.  

The flat belly detox includes the Optimal Nutrition Set ($125), which includes:
🔸Basics - fibers from fruits, veggies, cereals. Probiotics & Herbal extracts.
🔸Activize - B12, B6, Niacin (energy & fat burning)
🔸Restorate - Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc (and much more). Resets your cells. Great for sleep, hair growth, promotes healthy bones & teeth, relief from stress.
🔸My carb cycling meal guide.
🔸Aminos ($62) (suggested but not mandatory) - growth & retention of muscle mass.

To purchase this detox plan, please email: with "click here----> Flat Belly Detox 

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