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I've spent years helping people accomplish their health and fitness goals and get their best body ever. There's no 'one size fits all' approach. Trust me, I've tried them all personally so that am able to best help my clients.  I'm so excited to say that my clients get results and I always hear how surprised they were to be able to work everything into to their daily life.  Being healthy should not be a task.  No matter how long it takes you to get there, when you do, it should be seamless and fit into your lifestyle just like brushing your teeth and combing your hair.


You'll get one on one online coaching from me which includes:

  • Nutrition Consultations

  • Meal Plans 

  • Workout Programs (for home or the gym)

  • Private coaching in my FB group that provides motivation and inspiration from other like minded people.

You’ll start off by filling out a detailed questionnaire about you health and nutrition history.  This information will give me the information I need to put you on a plan that best suites you.   This information is based on my personal experiences and research.  $159 (initial) and $99 per month.

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Bikini Competition Prep:

  • Client Consultation

  • Training Program

  • Supplement Suggestions

  • Posing critiques

  • Dryout Plan for last week

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"3 months working with Jana I have lost 100lbs had a baby gained 60lbs and lost it all. Current status= kicking ass. Current ego is kinda big.”

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What OTHERS Have Said…

"I LOVED training with Jana. As much hard work as it was, it was just as much fun. I never felt like I was there because I was obligated to be there, to get into shape. She made it feel like more like an activity than a work out. My favorite part is that she worked out with us. I hate it when a trainer sits back and tells you what to do. But Jana gets involved so it feels more like a group effort.

Because of her workouts and encouragements, I went from being a 165-pound clinically depressed college student, to a 110-pound running fanatic, with a huge love for life. I'll forever be grateful to her for inspiring me to get my life back into shape!" ~ Anita P.



Training with BBC has been life changing, literally. I began my fitness journey with bootcamps and group classes, I sought a new challenge that would push me to be the best me. I found the challenge and support I need to reach my fitness goals with BBC.  ~ Anika H.



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