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Group Online Nutrition & Training

I provide online services that include:

  • Meal Plans

  • Training Programs

  • Private group coaching that provides motivation and inspiration from other like minded people.


For more information & to register, click here:

One on One Nutrition Consultations

My one on one nutrition consultations will definitely set you in the right direction for healthy lifestyle living.  You'll start off by filling out a detailed questionnaire about you health and nutrition history.  This information will give me the information I need to put you on a plan that best suites you.   This information is based on my personal experiences and research.  Once done, all information will be reviewed by our in-house nutritionist for the final BBC stamp of approval.


For more information, please contact:

Live Group Workouts

Live group workouts are only available in a few select cities.  Currently, our locations are:

  • Detroit area

  • Las Vegas


For more information:


Detroit Area



Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping trips are only provided in select areas.  At the moment, those locations are:

  • Detroit area

  • Las Vegas

  • Chicago


For more information, please contact me at:


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