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The future of online coaching!

I've been an online health coach for over 10 years and one of the struggles I've dealt with was holding my clients accountable and properly tracking their daily activities. Sure, there are plenty of tracking devices and apps out there, some of which I could sign up for too, but that becomes overwhelming! And the countless emails going back and forth (some never getting answered) gets to be tiresome. So I was super excited to discover Nudge Coach!!

I love the way the Nudge App gives me a snapshot into my clients daily activity. I'm able to track positive health behaviors without emphasizing calorie counting. I'm able to check in with them whenever I choose and instantly see their progress all in ONE place. My messages go straight to a simple, secure app on my client's smart phone (and it's free for my clients on iOS + Android).

Nudge Coach helps health and wellness professionals build scalable, digital businesses. The process is really simple. My clients download the FREE app and sync it with their tracking app of choice. The Nudge app integrates with over 80 apps and wearables. Nudge Coach can help you stay on top of who to reach out to and when, making sure no one slips through the cracks. So all I need to do is log on to Nudge Coach and monitor what each client is doing. I can make adjustments, send emails, and really focus on getting my clients results.

The Nudge Coach has improved my relationships with my clients and allowed me to not only help them better, but now I'm able to take on more clients!

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