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How do you start your day?

How you start your day can play a crucial role in how your day will play out. I know this 1st hand because I recently had an experience that proved that to be true. My typical morning starts out with an early morning workout, followed by meditation, personal development and writing in my gratitude journal (which I do in the evening too). This always sets the tone for my day because it puts me in a great mood with great expectations and intentions for the day. Last Tuesday I skipped my meditation, personal development, and journaling because I had an early appointment and did not set aside enough time for me to get everything in. When I got to my appointment, I was greeted by one of the rudest people I've ever come across. She was nasty from the moment I greeted her with a smile:). Because my vibrations were not at their highest, I allowed her attitude to affect me and put me in a nasty mood too. And the rest of the happenings in my day were not much better. I was attracting so much negativity that day. As I reflected back that evening, I realized that because I skipped the rituals that lift my spirits and put me in a good mood, I set myself up to be affected by others attitudes. So the lesson here! Start your day doing something that will lift you up, cause you to visualize and expect the best from life. When you do this, it's like protecting yourself with a shield so that no one or thing can bring you down. Health and Happiness, Jana

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