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Are you making this story up in your head too?

So the other day a friend of mine all of a sudden started to feel sick and got and upset stomach. We had no idea what was wrong with him so I started to ask some questions, drill down, and find out what could have been the cause. Here's what he ate the whole day:

  • Doritos

  • Some type of "low sugar" sparkling drink

  • Fast Food

  • A sip of my natural vitamin sports drink

  • Yogurt

  • Cookies

Guess what he said HAD to have been the cause of his sickness?? Of course it was my Vitamin drink! Healthy things upset your stomach RIGHT? Isn't that why you don't bother with them and go right for the other stuff?

This 'story' as well as many others are what we create in our heads to keep us from accomplishing our goals. Exercise makes me bulky, working out makes me sore, eating healthy is to expensive, going to the gym is too time consuming. The next time you create one of these stories or anything similar, ask yourself what's more important.

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone now to be healthy and accomplish your goals.

  • Being forced outside of your comfort zone down the road by being admitted to a hospital and thrown on an operating table to remove, add, dismantle whatever body part has given out.

So how about we STOP making up stories in our heads. Most of us know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, so DO IT! If you don't, you can find many more tips right here on my site!

Health and Happiness!


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