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Wellness Wednesday ~ Power Hour

It's Wellness Wednesday! So far we've talked about discovering your purpose, pursuing your passion, and showing gratitude. Now let's talk about what practices you need to put in place daily to keep the abundance flowing.

Set aside Power Our time to set the tone for your day!

As you study more, learn more, and grow more these practices will change but here's a great way to start. I have a 'Power Hour' every morning. Although it says 'hour', my time is actually 3-4 hours.

What I do during my Power hour!

  • 3:15 AM - Wake up

  • 4:00 AM - GYM (Not only am I working out, but I'm visualizing and mentally planning out the productive day I intend to have).

  • 6:30 AM - Back at home, re-fueling my system with my Meal Replacement / Protein shake.

  • 6:45 AM - Meditation, motivational videos, reading, passion planning, visualizing.

Now I'm set for the day!

I then start my work day at 8:00 AM. This practice really sets me up to have a positive and productive day. I also keep affirmations programmed in my phone every hour so that I have constant reminders!

So this is how I keep myself motivated and in a state to receive abundance. I'd love to hear what you all do to stay motivated and inspired!!

Until next time, wishing you all a very positive and productive day!

Health and Happiness,

Jana Stewart

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