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It's Wellness Wednesday! What's YOUR purpose?

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Did you all enjoy thinking back to when you were at your happiest? Didn’t that make you feel good? Now let’s take the steps to re-create those feelings and live a life of bliss!

You were asked to write down 3 things!

1) Write down 2 unique personal qualities that you have. 2) Make a list of ways you like to express yourself. 3) Make a list of how you like to make people feel. What do you want people to get out of you sharing your qualities.

Time to write out our PURPOSE statement! This is what you’re passionate about! Fill in the blanks.

My purpose is to use my (insert your 2 unique qualities) to (insert ways you like to express yourself) to (insert how you like to make people feel, what you want people to get out of sharing your qualities).

Here’s mine:

My purpose is to use my passion and vision to inspire and encourage people to reach and exceed their health / fitness, spiritual, financial, and lifestyle goals.

Now that you have identified what your purpose is, it’s time to bring this all together. You know what makes you happy, what makes you feel good. You know what your purpose is. Now think of ways you can create income around doing what you’re passionate about (your purpose) and what makes you happy. For me, it included being active (in a warm climate preferably), helping people reach and exceed their potential. I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people and help them with not only health and fitness, but with spirituality and wealth creation. I identified all of this a few months ago. About 2 weeks ago someone came to me with an amazing opportunity to do all of this! The project has already been launched and more and more amazing things happen daily. Once you start to visualize, the Universe takes over and gives you WAY more than you even thought possible. So get ready. But promise me you’ll do the following things:

  • ALWAYS be grateful. Wake up every morning and go to bed every evening thinking about what you’re grateful for. No matter what happens that day, stay in a state of gratitude.

  • Be OPEN. What YOU think you need and what the UNIVERSE thinks you need may be 2 different things. Recognize that there’s a power greater than you that knows more than you. Be open to receive it!

  • Stay POSITIVE. Life is not perfect and you’ll face some roadblocks, no matter what happens, stay positive. Think back to when you were at your happiest and focus on that. Storms will pass, but you must stay positive and have faith!

Wishing everyone an healthy, wealthy, happy life!!! Chat next week!

Health and Happiness,

Jana Stewart

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