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How friends keep friends motivated to be FIT!

Good friends are hard to find. But the few that we do have, we depend on for everything from fashion advice to who to date. So why not depend on each other to stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 ways that you and your friends can keep each other motivated to live a Healthy Lifestyle.

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1. Set goals

Write down your individual goals. Then meet up with your friends, have each person read their goals out loud. Now hold each other accountable and remind each other of those goals daily!

2. Utilize Social Media sites

Not all of us live in the same city as our friends so this is where Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter come in handy. I’m always posting words of motivation for my friends. And I feed off of the positive words that my friends post. I especially love it when I see one completed a challenge, hard workout, or fitness event they were training for.

3. Meet regularly

Organize your own meet-up once a week. Make this outing active, one in which facilitates everyone’s goals. This will especially motivate you to stay on track! Who wants to show up at the meet-up without some good news to share?

4. Stay positive

ALWAYS say encouraging words to each other. Can’t, Won’t, Not should not be part of your vocabulary. If your friend is 80 lbs over weight and wants to train for a triathlon, then encourage her!! We can all achieve our fitness goals if we set our mind to it. May not happen as quickly as we want it to, but it WILL happen if we have a vision and have a supportive team to keep us encouraged & motivated!

5. Stick to your commitments.

If you do what you say you’re going to do, you’ll get results. Your friends will see that, and it will help keep them on path.

So go ahead, call up some friends and get that positive, motivating energy going!!

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