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The Benefits of having tight Glutes!

Benefits of having tight glutes

There’s a big butt craze going on that has women going to drastic measures to attain an amazing bump in their trunk! At the Bikini Booty Club, we have a different take on the importance of having a big butt. EVERYTHING we do is natural, meaning there are no clinics and operating rooms included in our program. It’s all hard work and commitment! And here are the reasons why it’s so worth the WORK!

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7 ways having a tight butt can improve your life

1) Prevent Injuries

Building strong glutes can decrease your risk of injuries all over the body. Weak glutes can cause an imbalance in gait and stride through the hip, potentially causing knee pain. Strengthening your glutes also decreases your risk for back injuries during strength training exercises like deadlifts by taking pressure off the lower back, weak glutes can be the culprit for pulled hamstring and groin muscles.

2) Improve Performance

The gluteus maximus muscles, some of the biggest in the body, are prime players in movements required for sports performance. Glutes control sprinting, jumping, direction changes and twisting. They are responsible for accelerating, decelerating, and creating power. The stronger the glutes, the stronger your physical performance.

3) Be a Better Runner

Athletes with strong glutes are faster than athletes with weaker glutes. If you are a runner, strong glutes can improve your speed, and insure your stride and gait are spot on. Weak glutes can allow your knees collapse inward when you run. Cross train with squats and lunges to run your best.

4) Relieve back pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you may need to move your attention downward just a tad. Having strong glutes takes the pressure off your back, so if you have back problems, strong glutes can ease your discomfort. The glutes are part of your core, which supports the entire body, so make sure you have the strongest base possible to ease the burden on your back.

5) You're a Healthy Eater

You can't have a tight butt with an unhealthy diet. Having a tight butt is a sure fire sign you have you diet in check, which means you are receiving adequate nutrients and fuel for your body. A proper, clean diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains improves virtually every area of your health.

6) Save money

If you have a tight round butt, you've got your fitness down pat. You'll save money on not buying into the latest fitness equipment gimmick, fad diets, or medical procedures. Not to mention, you'll look fantastic in everything, so you can buy right off the rack and skip slimming, tucking and sucking apparel that is designed to give your butt the appearance of shape. Yours' is the real deal.

7) Killer confidence

Men gain weight around their middles, and women gain it in their butt and hips. A tight butt on a woman is the ultimate badge of honor, and you'll want to show it off. While everyone else is covering up at the beach with sarongs or standing in water up to their belly button for camouflage, you'll be rocking those bikinis and daisy dukes all summer long.

How many more reasons do you need? Get up, squat down and lift your glutes to new heights!

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