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BBC Lifestyle Revolution


I started the BBC (Bikini Booty Club) to inspire women from all over the world to LIVE healthy lifestyles.  I've combined the experiences I've had over the years from coaching, competing on the national figure & bikini stage, personal training, and working with the best in the industry to provide my clients with a 360 degree approach to accomplishing health and fitness goals.   This means we leave nothing out, we train our bodies and our minds.  We don't binge diet, workout for 8 hours a day, or do detox's that require no eating for days.  This is a lifestyle and if done correctly, you will not only enjoy this process, but it will truly become a part of your daily routine.


This program includes:

  • Workouts (at home or gym)

  • Meal Guides (Snack list, grocery list, supplement suggestions)

  • Mind Training (To be successful at anything, we must 1st think we can do it).

  • One on One coaching to ensure you reach your goals.


This program is administered online.  (If you are not on FB, all information will be emailed to you).









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