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Jana Stewart is a Health & Lifestyle Consultant and fitness athlete who is passionate about living an active, healthy and blissful lifestyle. Jana’s approach to successful healthy lifestyle living includes combining exercise, nutrition, and positive mindset training into her teachings.  She holds a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degree and has spent countless hours studying and practicing what she teaches.  She has spent the last 15 years traveling around the world experiencing different health and lifestyle techniques, all with the intent to help change peoples lives. As a result of Jana’s hard work, she has been featured in several magazines, news publications, and has been a guest blogger/ writer and interviewed for many online publications; commenting on pressing health, fitness and lifestyle topics.  For several years, Jana was a top ranked national figure competitor and earned pro status with the WNSO.  She spends her time running a successful online health and lifestyle program that helps people discover blocks allowing them to accomplish their health, fitness and lifestyle goals. 


In January of 2016, Jana partnered with a top German Nutrition Company to help launch them in the USA.  In 2017, she launched her Financial Fitness program that teaches people how to grow their money by trading currency using their cell phones.   Currently, Jana spends her time leading seminars, lifestyle trainings and business building events. Jana’s goal is to inspire people from all over the world to live healthy, active, prosperous lifestyles.



The Bikini Booty Club

The Bikini Booty Club is an international health, fitness, and lifestyle brand that teaches women from all over the world how to live healthy active lifestyles.  We provide fitness programs, fitness videos, virtual classes (fitness and nutrition), meal plans, motivation, and inspiration to our members. Women from all over the world join this ‘sisterhood’ to bond, be empowered, mentor, inspire, and motivate. Our team of coaches, who are located all over the world, spread our message of health and fitness.




To inspire and motivate women all over the world to LIVE healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Jana Stewart

Mind & Body Collage

Mind & Body Collage

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