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90 Day Accountability Challenge

It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.  Which is why myself and my team of accountability coaches are launching a 90 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. So often we see people have success on a nutrition and/or exercise program for 30 days and once the 30 days are up, they go back to what they were doing before, and the results are lost. But once you stick to a plan for 90 days, it becomes a habit. You’re so accustomed to doing it, that it’s second nature! 

Jana Stewart is a Health & Lifestyle Accountability Coach and fitness athlete who is passionate about living an active, healthy and blissful lifestyle. Jana’s approach to successful healthy lifestyle living includes combining exercise, nutrition, and positive mindset training into her teachings.  She holds a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degree and has spent countless hours studying and practicing what she teaches. 

Jana has been featured in several magazines, news publications, and has been a guest blogger/ writer and interviewed for many online publications; commenting on pressing health, fitness and lifestyle topics.  For several years, Jana was a top ranked national figure competitor and earned pro status with the WNSO.


Jana has mastered the art of making exercise, healthy living and positive lifestyle living not only doable, but enjoyable.  Her philosophy is that if you do something long enough, good enough and smart enough, it will become a habit that you don't even think about, you just do it!


Thus, the reason why she created her 90 Day Accountability Challenge!

So here’s what’s going I'm to give for FREE for the next 90 days (starting June 4th):

  • Workouts provided by me and my team

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Learn how to calculate your Macros

  • Recipes and Meal Ideas

  • Playlist to keep you moving & pumped

  • Smart ways to have treats 

  • Accountability coaches to hold you accountable and help you crush your goals 

  • Weekly team meetings online

  • Ways to earn extra money if you’re interested!


Everything listed above is FREE!  All you pay for is your vitamin supplement packet!

For 90 days, we will be using the FitLine Optimal Set.  FitLine is a top German nutrition company.  The supplements are natural vitamin and mineral combinations that provide your body with nutrients that it needs.

Basics - Veggies, vitamins and fiber.
Activize - B Vitamins (B6, B12, and Niacin), ENERGY!
Restorate - Minerals that reset your cells and help you sleep

You have 2 options for purchase:
Option A:  Join as a Team partner and receive a 20% discount.  You'll pay $39 to join and your Optimal Set will only cost $90 (Regular price is $125).  You'll receive all 90 days worth of supplements upfront and be billed $90 for the following 2 months.

Option B:  Purchase your Optimal Set at the regular price of $125.  You'll still receive all 90 Days upfront and you will be billed $125 for the next two months.

Which option do you prefer?  To register, click

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