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cellRESET ® is a natural lifestyle detox that helps to eliminate toxins from your body and refuels it with healthy nutrients.   It's a practical solution for a slimmer, fitter and more energized lifestyle.  This 28-day program has 2 stages. The first stage improves & supports health and the second stage reduces the body mass and fat. Most people lose at least 25 or more lbs the 1st round. 



✓ Weight reduction

✓ Targets the dangerous fat

✓ Targets the undesirable fat

✓ Releases water

✓ Regulates your blood sugar

✓ Reduces the amount of Insulin in your blood

✓ Detoxifies your body

✓ Reduces triglycerides

✓ Balances cholesterol

✓ Keeps Progesterone in control

✓ Regulates the blood pressure

✓ Regulates pH

✓ Gives you more energy

✓ Gives you more joy

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For more information or to get started, please message 'cellRESET' to: OR click HERE.

The natural products listed below are what's included in this natural lifestyle program.  They are the building blocks to cleansing your system, resetting your cells, releasing pounds and fat, and living a healthy lifestyle!

✔️ Basics - Greens, Veggies, herbal extracts, probiotics. Acts as a toothbrush for your Colon.
✔️ Activize - Helps to burn fat, gives you energy.
✔️ Restorate - Promotes metabolism burning, Rejuvenates your cells, gives you energy, hair growth, aids in sleep.
✔️ ProShape Aminos - Helps to increase and maintain muscle mass, increases stamina, offset the energy consumed during heavy lifting. Prevents the imbalance in necessary amino acids, which helps with the following body functions:

  • concentration

  • coordination

  • overcome stress

  • durability

  • recovery

  • positive mood

  • power supply of the body

  • memory

  • motivation

  • improves all metabolic processes and helps to optimize weight.

✔️ Herbaslim Tea - Stimulates a faster neutralisation and disposal of toxins, supports the process of weight loss,
delicious taste





Our exclusive Cleanse and Cell Reset Group includes:  (FREE):

✓On-going program support

✓Program approved recipes

✓Daily Accountability

✓Around the Clock question and answer

✓Exercise tips

✓Access to my private group (women only) for daily workouts


This entire program is $350!  For more information or to get started, please message 'cellRESET' to: OR click HERE.

If you're in the Detroit, MI area, we host local events.  Please click here for more info.

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